University of Plymouth, UK

Tentative title: How concerned should we be about microplastics?

University of Toronto, Canada

Tentative title: The impacts of plastic debris in aquatic ecosystems

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Tentative title: Going beyond microplastics: biodegradation of synthetic polyesters in soils

Eawag, Switzerland

Tentative title: The path of microplastics to the environment: fate and transport in wastewater treatment systems

University of Vienna, Austria

Tentative title: Microplastic aging and its impact on leaching of polymer additives

University of Rhode Island, USA

Tentative title: Sorption of organic pollutants to Microplastics in fresh (and marine) water systems

TUM, Germany

Tentative title: Microplastic in environmental samples: Identification and quantification by Raman microspectroscopy

Alfred Wegner Institute, Germany

Tentative title: TBA

NTNU, Norway

Tentative title: Risk to all or none? On the toxicity of microplastics to animals, scientists and societies

University of Exeter, UK

Tentative title: Bioaccumulation and biological effects of micro and nano plastics